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About Us

Christmas is not always the most relaxing time for most of us. It's wonderful to see our family and friends, but the stress of all the little tasks and remembering a gift everyone and every social occasion can make it difficult to enjoy it all. We want our homes to beautiful as they can be, and we want to surprise our loved ones with something that's thoughtful and generous. My Pools of Light are designed to make the festive season that much easier for you.

Susan O'Connor I'm Susan O'Connor - a Glasgow-based Irish artist with a passion for glass. I started making Pools of Light because all the Christmas decorations I looked at were really chintzy or too paired back - I wanted to hang something from my tree that was festive without looking like a tea cosy. 

I started playing around with engraving overlapping patterns onto lightweight glass discs. I gave some to friends who I thought would be my harshest critics as little Christmas party gifts, and I asked them what they thought when they were properly drunk. (Alcohol is the most honest critic) They were all very enthusiastic, and I was delighted to find how hard they were to actually break when dropped.
I've been working in glass for fifteen years and currently have an exhibition of my larger sculptural pieces in Edinburgh's Doubtfire Gallery. I am also an art historian, and have been obsessed by pattern-making for a very long time: my children have learned to expect their meals with an axis of symmetry.
My Pools have bespoke gift packaging that's meant to last as long as they do, which makes them easy to store and transport - they've travelled through the post to Australia, Japan and the USA so far with no breakages. My customers love them:

"I'm blown away by how gorgeous the decorations are. It's only 1 November but I'm already looking forward to putting up a Christmas tree. The packaging is really lovely too - perfect for gifts. Love them!" - Vanessa Carswell, Dublin, via Facebook.

"I ordered the set of ornaments to share amongst my Australian family.  . . as soon as I saw these designs and the concept behind them I just knew they would be perfect for this years giving. My instinct was right - the presentation box is wonderful and the actual quality of the glass ornaments high . . . I agree with being 'blown away' by these decorations" - Sophia Cherry, Australia, via Facebook.

Have a look through my collections and see how I can help your Christmas be a little more beautiful.