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Why you should wrap your Christmas tree in clingfilm, how to avoid fairy light fury and other ways to make next November's you love the you of today

In the coming days you'll have the chance to give yourself a great big Christmas present next year – neat, untangled, unbroken ornaments! It might not sound like much, but you can make early December you really love early January you with these quick, simple storage tips.

Tree Ornaments

Don’t just throw everything into plastic bags. It sounds obvious, but there’s a huge temptation just to find the quickest solution to the task by filling up a Bag for Life with your baubles. The problems happen when you have a combination of materials used for your ornaments, as most of us do. Little Tommy’s pasta angel will not last long against the bargain plastic santas from the Pound Shop once you haul the bag from the tree to its storage spot this year, and back again next December.

Instead, group together decorations of similar materials and store together. Plastics will be fine next to plastics, and glass ornaments of different shapes and sizes can nestle happily with each other in bubble wrap in a solid box. If you have a Lumens box, you can keep them all safely in our custom-designed boxes for just this purpose. Alternatively, glass baubles will survive very well in extra large egg boxes.

Label all the boxes and have a ‘This Box First!’ containing whatever it’s essential to put up first – the tinsel? The lights? The sparkly reindeer?

 christmas baubles stored in egg box.
Glass ornaments well stowed in this egg box. Image Credit: A Cultivated Nest.
Fairy Lights

Wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard, and run a piece of masking tape along both edges. This will keep them exactly in place, meaning they won’t have a chance to create a headache-inducing tangle next Christmas. For bonus points, write yourself a note on the masking tape – ‘outside lights’, ‘press control four times for non-blinking sequence’, ‘these ones will go around the tree two and a half times’. Imagine how smug next year’s you will feel!

fairly lights wrapped around cardboard
Keep your lights tangle-free and reuse some Christmas cardboard with this solution.
Image Credit: Festive Lights


Artificial Christmas Tree

Instead of trying to take apart the tree each year, for bulky storage in your garage, why not encase it in cling film while it’s still standing? It will take up much less space and you will only have to spread out the branches next year, instead of having to figure out the assembly once again. Find out how to do it here.



Most of us have a stock of bottles that only get used once a year  - a bottle of Baileys, the Cherry Brandy, the Ouzo the unaccountably seems like a good idea every New Year’s Eve. The problem is, they take up a considerable amount of space if they’re kept with our year-round spirits. Wrap plumber’s tape around the cap for a good seal, then consign them to their own special box for storage with the ornaments and use the spare space for whatever tipple gets you through January.

 box of alcohol
Nobody drinks Baileys after the 1st January. Best keep until next year.
Image Credit: Corkscrew Wines.