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The craziest Christmas desks out there

Most desk-decorators settle for a tiny tree, or a discrete couple of LED lights around the computer monitor. But some people look at Christmas in the shops, Christmas in the house, Christmas on the TV, the radio, on the street, in the post and say to themselves: I need more!

Here's where that road can take you...

 red wrapped office desk

  1. All Wrapped Up: Meant as an office prank, but brings a sense of joy and anticipation to starting work each day. “Is it . . could it be . .. ? It’s just what I wanted! A computer monitor with my login all ready for me!”

 Image credit: Daily Mail

christmas desk mound of presents

  1. Presents Everywhere: Somebody is really getting into the consumerist side of Christmas with this display. His colleague looks to be properly concerned that none of the boxes are for him.

Image credit: Design Bridge


 christmas grotto desk

  1. The Logical Extreme: Yes, that is a grotto. In an office. Enormous kudos to the staff member with the dedication to pull this off, and to the manager who let this happen. Were they drunk? We don't think that would diminish their achievement.

Image credit: Up Desk

silver wrapped christmas desk

  1. All that glitters: This version mixes cheap furniture shop with hairdresser chic for a weirdly chilling Christmas vibe. If Cruella de Ville is go-to Christmas motif, then this is the look for you.

Image credit: Pinterest

 drunken decorated office

  1. Drunken Office: Nothing says Christmas like an office that looks like it’s recovering from the annual festive party. We bet the Fire Officer spends the entire month patrolling the floor with an extinguisher can.

Image credit: Idolza

 gingerbread office

  1. Gingerbread Office: It’s amazing what you can achieve when you work as a team, and this office proves it beyond a doubt. There can be little more Christmassy than walking through gingerbread walls for an entire month - we imagine they even have cinnamon air fresheners on the go for that extra level of authenticity.

Image credit: Shoplet