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The best five pasta Christmas ornaments!

A Christmas tree isn’t a Christmas tree without some home-made ornaments. As the years go by these will be amongst the ones you treasure the most. You might even find yourself fighting your children for custody of the favourites when they set up their own home.

We’ve collected together the web’s best ideas for making pasta ornaments – ones that both adults and children can get stuck into – in the hope that you can make your own fabulous versions.  These ideas will give you great designs, but are all clearly from the spaghetti family. The perfect balance of homemade and hanging art!

penne christmas tree

Penne Christmas trees: There are loads of great ideas for pasta ornaments on DIY Enthusiast's page, but we particularly like this tree made from penne. The pasta is stuck in rows on an upside down plastic champagne flute to give it that tapering shape. Lots of the ornaments here are heavily painted, but we think the shape of the tree is so good that it doesn’t need anything else to improve it.

penne stars

Penne stars:  These little decorations from 12th blog are very simple to make, but can be decorated in a wide variety of ways. They’re ideal for making with your children, who might be put off by the complexity of some of the other examples.  Why not encourage them to make a set in matching colours for grandparents?

 pasta angels

Pasta angels: Definitely a more complicated beast from Frog Goose and Bear, but these extremely cute little fellows are sure to impress all comers! These bring to mind an intergenerational challenge  - who can make the best angel? The winner gets the pasta meal of their choice (so long as the angels don’t end up in the pan!)

 farfalla garland

Farfalle garlands: If you’ve fully embraced the pasta-on-tree concept, there’s no reason not to take it even further with these surprisingly delicate pasta garlands from Closer magazine. These are incredibly simple to make and very lightweight too. 


 difficult pasta bauble

Decorated baubles: For those of who like to push things a little further, these lovely tree ornaments from Mimumdo Manual will test your design skills a bit more. The only rule is symmetry: not only is it more restful to the eye, but a weight-balanced ornament is less likely to fall off the tree. Why not gather together a wide variety of pasta shapes and see what comes together in an afternoon?