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Why did we start putting candles on Christmas trees?

The Victorians did lots of things that seem strange to us now – wearing approximately fifteen layers of clothing in the height of summer and cycling around on penny farthings being just two of them. But even for them, it still strikes us as a little counter-intuitive to put lots of naked flames on a great big piece of dry wood. So why did they put candles on their Christmas trees? And when did they stop? And what’s the most impressive modern take on this tradition? To understand the reasoning behind the lit up tree, we have to go back to the origins of the Christmas tree in Germany. In the sixteenth century, Miracle Plays were performed in front of...

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Nine songs to decorate your Christmas tree to

The songs you play at Christmas quickly become a tradition, and certain tunes become strongly evocative of certain Christmases, or certain periods of your life. It's a tradition it's easy to add to, too, as kids grow up and add their own favourites. Here are some starters to help you punctuate another lovely tradition, decorating the tree together.   Putting up the tree Heigh-Ho by The Dwarf Chorus Childhood and memory, silliness and fun, that's the Christmas spirit. Howk that tree in from the garden or down from the loft to the strains of seven animated dwarves extolling the virtues of hard work.   Fetching the ornaments Once In Royal David's City, The Choir of King's College, Cambridge Treat it...

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10 tree decorating traditions we should all consider adopting

Tired of the same old Christmas tree routine? Here are 10 ways to create a whole new Christmas tradition with your family. Grab your sleeping bags and camp out around the Christmas tree the first night you put it up. Leave the lights on, so if you stir briefly, you’ll be able to see their magical glow. Make popcorn garlands to hang around your tree. Keeps the munchies away, and everyone can have a go! Have everyone read a verse from ‘Twas the Night before Christmas once the tree is up. Build tiny little scenes between the branches of the Christmas tree, using toy animals, dolls cars etc. They’ll entrance every child who sees them! Make gingerbread ornaments, using the...

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Cat skeletons, Easter trees and other bizarre decorating habits

We all have our quirks, but do you go as far as spray painting a cat's skeleton and using it as a Christmas ornament? This was one Reddit user's approach on finding that a cat had died when trapped in the stored tree. Skeletons in stored trees is more common than you would think.    Many people with artificial trees will tell you that they have found the skeletons of little creatures on their trees. The more macabre of them will even spray paint them gold and add them into the display! Let’s hope this little fella made it out of I like to go indepth Christmas tree before he became a permanent fixture. Others avoid the problem by refusing...

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Christmas tree alternatives

Christmas trees are lovely, comforting and familiar. But if you want to stand out or if you're just bored with the same old same old, here are some out-there alternatives to the traditional tree. Dress to Impress: If you’re into your couture, this may well be the option for you. This tree dress somehow manages to look chic and over the top at the same time. It’s probably a little tame for Lady Gaga, but for the rest of us it certainly would cause a stir in the window. Image credit: No Nonsense Name via Reddit Tripod Tree: There’s not much to this one, but it has a great shape to it, and fills a small space well. Plus, it’s...

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