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Six films to save Christmas

You will always watch films at Christmas - at least make them good ones. Films play a vital role at times of hard work and family stress: everyone can sit down, have a rest (maybe a nap), nobody has to do anything, and nobody has to talk. Afterwards (or during) you can slip quietly off to bed, or you can allow the film to transport you somewhere where there are no brussels sprouts to peel. The trouble is that the TV schedules will be filled with bad films. So dig out Netflix/the old VHS player/get recording from the schedules to make sure you have these on hand.   Image: 1 Die Hard Here at Lumens HQ we subscribe fully to...

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Start something new this Christmas! 10 ideas to add to your Christmas canon.

We all love our Christmas traditions, but how about adding in a few less commercial routines to the festivities? Here’s our list of ideas for new activities that won’t break the bank and will get you in the festive mood. Have a Deck the Halls day. Set aside one day to decorate the entire house with your loved ones. Find a Christmas playlist if you don’t have a favourite album, serve up a big lasagne with garlic bread and invite your friends over to enjoy the final result.   A very Christmassy lasagne, by Michele Venlee A new book at Christmas. In Iceland, it is traditional to give family members a new book on Christmas Eve, which is then taken...

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