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Three ways to design your Christmas table for maximum kudos

Most of us will have the majority of presents bought and cards sent by now. Well done if you have, and if you haven’t quite got there, there’s still a week to go!  Whatever state of readiness you’re in right now, it’s definitely time to turn your attention to planning for the big day itself. If you’re hosting on Christmas day, you’ll be wanting to make the maximum impact possible with a beautiful table display to impress family and friends. We give you the run down on how to curate your Christmas spread so that it looks good and works perfectly. First, choose your colour scheme. It’s really easy to get distracted into buying lots of different table dressings because...

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Yiwu, China - the world's Christmas factory

If you were given a globe and told to point to Christmas you might point to the North Pole, where Santa surely lives, or Lapland, which also claims that honour. Or you might point to London, the home of many of our Dickensian Christmas traditions, or 34th Street in New York, where the film’s Christmas miracle took place. The one place you really should be pointing to, though, is a run-down super-mall 200 miles from Shanghai in a little-known town in China, Yiwu. This is the town that manufactures Christmas.   Image: Plastic Christmas decorations: they have to come from somewhere Credit: Dreamstime   Chinese state news agency Xinhua has estimated that 60% of the entire planet’s Christmas decorations are...

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