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Get them before they run out: 7 of the best contemporary wrapping papers

So you have chosen the perfect gift for the most important person in your life. You know exactly what you’re going to write on the card and all that’s left to do is to wrap it up – and then you realise that all your wrapping paper has chintzy Santas or bells on it. It’s not really the finishing you had in mind.

Of all the parts of a modern Christmas, wrapping paper has been a bit left behind.  Bulk printers still think it’s okay to use patterns that haven’t been updated since the '70s for their paper, creating a real conundrum for people who want a more current look.

We’ll be releasing our own colour yourself wrapping paper on the 11th December, but if you’re looking for a solution in the meantime, here are seven of the best contemporary Christmas wrapping papers. All but one are from independent UK-based makers.

christmas tree wrapping paper

We love this hand-drawn Christmas tree paper by Three Poppy Paper Company. It’s beautifully simple, and the background spring green is a shade we don’t often see at Christmas.
customisable wrapping paper

This paper from JGArtwork is customisable with your own family name, which seems like a great way to make your gift as individual as possible. It’s only available in A3 sheets at the moment, so it might be good for giving just the smaller presents the wow factor. 

This sheep in the snow paper by Mary Kilvert isn’t in the most seasonal of colours, but the subject matter is so incredibly cute and appropriate we had to include it.

 stag wrapping paper

Again, not a seasonal colour, but an exceptionally cool pattern makes this reindeer pattern a must for including. We love the restraint of the black and white reindeer drawing from Martha and Hepsie, and frequent repeat of the pattern will make it great for smaller gifts.

This paper from Sam Osborne has a more traditional subject matter, but with a great modern treatment. We love the way the pattern is really busy without seeming over-crowded. 


This paper by Ink Paint Paper is a collection of joyously-coloured doodles on the Christmas theme. We challenge anyone not to smile when they see it.