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Five easy Christmas decorations to make with your children

Making Christmas decorations is a great way to keep your children busy over the festive season. With the right project, they can be kept busy for hours. Their efforts make great little gifts for family and friends, and can add a lovely homemade touch to your Christmas table or tree. Here are five of the best ideas for your little ones:

  1. Make mini-Christmas trees from pine cones: We love this idea from Elementary Art Fun because it’s so simple: paint pine cones green, cover with sparkles, et voila! The little plaster bases are really simple to make too – consider painting them brown to look like pots as an additional touch.
Pine cone decorations
Pine cone art! Perfect for little fingers.
Image credit: Elementary Art Fun
  1. Toilet roll reindeer: no mess, no fuss, just two toilet rolls and some twigs! For children with even the shortest attention span, these are a great idea from Molly Moo. If you think they’re up for something a bit more involved, why not get them to paint the reindeer once they’re assembled? Or see if they can make all eight of Santa’s reindeer to line up to their bedroom door?
toilet roll reindeer
Reindeer on patrol!
Image credit: Molly Moo
  1. Pipe cleaner candy canes: It doesn’t get much simpler than this, but what a lovely result for your tree! These are made with what those in the USA call pony beads, which are widely available in craft shops or on the internet. Full instructions (if you think you need them) here.
 pipe cleaner candy canes
Good enough to eat: pipe cleaner candy canes
Image Credit: Teacher's Pet
  1. String baubles: These beauties from All things G&D are a bit more complicated than the other crafts on this list, but we love their amazing effect. If you don’t mind getting messy, these lovely baubles will look fantastic on your tree. Why not pop an LED candlight in the middle and use a group of them for your Christmas table?

string baubles 

  1. Paint card Christmas trees: Lisa Baylor gives the know-how on making these Christmas trees out of paint cards, which she uses as Christmas cards. We reckon they would be perfect hanging from a tree near you, or as a place name on your Christmas table. You can personalise them by adding decorations using biros or poster paint – just don’t try ink pens, as they won’t dry well on this surface. Super easy, super chic!
 paint card christmas trees
50 Shades of Tree!
Image credit: Lisa Baylor