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Christmas tree alternatives

Christmas trees are lovely, comforting and familiar. But if you want to stand out or if you're just bored with the same old same old, here are some out-there alternatives to the traditional tree.

Christmas tree dress

Dress to Impress: If you’re into your couture, this may well be the option for you. This tree dress somehow manages to look chic and over the top at the same time. It’s probably a little tame for Lady Gaga, but for the rest of us it certainly would cause a stir in the window.

Image credit: No Nonsense Name via Reddit

tripod Christmas tree

Tripod Tree: There’s not much to this one, but it has a great shape to it, and fills a small space well. Plus, it’s adjustable, so if you were to buy more stereo equipment next year, this beauty could shrink to fit. And of course, there are no pine needles to concern yourself with either. It is lacking in height, however – there’s a part of us that always believes you should be looking up to the top of a tree. Perhaps they could buy an extension pole to stick a star on top of for next year.

Image credit: Lojke via Reddit

Bookshelf Christmas tree

Bookshelf Tree: A great way to prune the contents of your bookshelf ahead of the holiday season, this tree takes up no additional space and looks pretty great. We think this one would benefit from a bit more attention to the colours of the book spines: more red and green please! A bauble or two as bookends wouldn’t hurt either.

Image credit: Bored Daddy

Christmas tree wall

Wall Tree: This a great idea for those without much space in their home. If your living space is jam-packed, this could go in a hallway, the kitchen, or wherever you have a spare corner. No pine needles to clean away, no need for a huge number of ornaments. Just a fair amount of patience to make the baubles are all applied in neat little rows. This version doesn’t have any fair lights, but we reckon you could add on a few sets of LED lights along the baubles lines for maximum impact.

Image credit: Kaimkj via Reddit

Ladder Christmas tree

Ladder Tree: For those of us stuck in DIY hell, the idea of allowing our ladder to take centre stage at Christmas may be enough to make us weep. However, it does have the height and outline of a tree, and if you’re really broke from all that Farrow and Ball,  this would be a great way to spend your pennies. Just string across all your existing decorations, and decide that the paint spoldges are simply adding to the festive air.

Image credit: Export Portal