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Cat skeletons, Easter trees and other bizarre decorating habits

We all have our quirks, but do you go as far as spray painting a cat's skeleton and using it as a Christmas ornament?

This was one Reddit user's approach on finding that a cat had died when trapped in the stored tree.

Skeletons in stored trees is more common than you would think. 


Many people with artificial trees will tell you that they have found the skeletons of little creatures on their trees. The more macabre of them will even spray paint them gold and add them into the display! Let’s hope this little fella made it out of I like to go indepth Christmas tree before he became a permanent fixture.

kitten in christmas tree

Others avoid the problem by refusing to put their tree away at all. Reddit user Crumbandharvey says:

‘My mom got to the point where she hated taking down the tree, packing it back up, and putting it in the attic. Instead, she decided to buy ornaments for each of the holidays and seasons. So now she keeps the tree up year round and just changes the ornaments. I still think it looks like a Christmas tree in the living room every time I come home.’

Crumbandharvey’s mum isn’t alone in this. Easter ornaments for the tree are now a growth industry, as are Valentine’s ornaments. But the best example of an ornament not being just an ornament is from Tiffibean:

‘When my husband proposed two years ago, he did it with Christmas ornaments.’ It doesn’t get more festive than that!